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yoyoyyy... bagi yang suka membaca kayak saya, saya posting tulisan lagi nih... heheheh....

After read that letter, As soon as Ai go to the cafe. As predicted, the man is waiting her. "ng? I've
seen him in a photo. Yeah, Andy's brother, isn't it?" mumble Ai while walking to him.
"excuse me, detective Ai. I'm Rijal. I have sent u a letter, right?
Help me plis. It makes me crazy, my lovely girl lost." told him. "ok, i'll help u. Would u tell me about the last u saw her?" asked Ai.
"of course. She used nice dress when it. She wanted to visit her friend. It happened at 19.00 night. Firstly, i allowed her. But, she
seemed happy for that visiting. So, i let her go. Her friend's name is Rina." told Rijal.
"hmm, have u asked Rina about this? Actually, what for ur girl visited Rina?"
"yeah, she said that my girl named Santi finished to visit her at 21.00. Santi wanted to discussed something. Oh ya, Santi sent me an email two days ago. But i didn't know the meaning. Wait."
told Rijal while he shows his phone.
"this is the message.
What's the meaning?" said Rijal again. "hmm.. Let me to think" answered Ai.

'nlzx ecfdbzsq, jh bznl trpnsqsqzx. Jh igbzec nlbzecfd zxpnvt gefdfdmk xvpnsqsqzx.
Igpnomfdtrusmkzx, jh igbzwufd bz ecbzomhffdsqjhpnvttr
ecjhtrfdbztrfd. Ecpndbuspnsq trbzjhec usigbzus usigjhtr nlpnomusih jhtr nlzx mkbztrus
usjhnlfd. Jh ecpn ompnus xvbzomus uspn ecjhfd jhom
gesqpnomus pnge zxpnvt.'

"hmm, okay, let me think. I've ever
seen that kind message.. Hmm,
aha! I know. Give me a pen & a
paper please." said Ai.
"r-really? Okay!" said Rijal while giving Ai
the tools.

While Ai was writing the meaning, a new message just in. "ng? What is it? From Rina ?" mumble Rijal.
"Rijal, i'm so sorry. I had been lying to u about Santi. Before she left me, she had told me about secret thing. She allowed me to tell it to u. I regret of it. And now, she is really gone. Gone from this world. I have just accepted a
message from her grandma, u must visit grandma's house & u'll know what i meant." read Rijal.
"oh, what's going on?"
"ok, i have just finished to read
the real meaning. Read! This is the
meaning of that message." said Ai while giving the paper to Rijal.

'my dear, i am sorry. I had made you feel worry. Honestly, i have a dangerious disease. Doctor said
that this month is my last time. I do not want to die in front of

"w-whaat ??" suprised Him. "i must go now. I'll call u later, thank u very much." said Rijal immediately.
"eitss, no, i must accompany u." said Ai.

Ai and Rijal go to Santi's grandma's house.
How sad it is. They
found Santi has died. Rijal hugs Santi closely. He's screaming. Ai can see it.

In other space, Ai saw Andy. He is looking Rijal & Santi. He seems
sad. This is the first time Ai looked Andy was sad.

*Flash back*
Andy is Ai's first love. Ai met him in her school. Everyday, Ai always tried to find out all things about
him. About Andy's family, Andy's favourite, Andy's activites, etc. It caused of Ai's curious. Her job as detective supported what she has done. Until finished her study at
that school, Andy never knew that during the time, Ai as a spy for all about him because Ai loves him
until now.
*end of flashback*

Ai tried to be calm although Andy was at here too. Ai feels nervous. Of course. Since 1 year ago, she
never look Andy again. She really misses him. While Ai is looking at Andy, a girl comes close to Andy. The girl holds Andy's arm. It annoys Ai. Ai hurt of it. As soon as, she goes
out. "who is her? Andy's girlfriend?
Really? Oh God, i hope no. Hmm, i must know about the identity of
her." mumble Ai.

Suddenly, Andy appears outside. Ai
suprised. "hm, who are u? I think i ever seen u. What r u doing
here?" asked Andy. "hmm, sorry? we haven't met yet. Oh ya, i'm Ai, a detective. I accompany my client,
Rijal." answered Ai. "oh shit, he forgot me. oh now i know, i don't have excepting more to being his girlfriend. Fool, I should not be here." thought Ai.
"hm, wait! I remember. You're Ai, my schoolmate. You're famous as detective in our school. I'm one of
ur fan. Nice to meet u. Rijal is my brother. Hmm, big thankful for you. Hm, please leave ur number." told Andy
"what? Okay. Here it is."


Ai leaves Santi's grandma's house
after have a short talking with Andy, her first love. While driving the car, Ai's
handphone is ringing. "hm, a message? without a name? Maybe a new client." mumble Ai while open the message.
"Detective Ai, this is me, Andy. Save my number."
O.O !! Ai suprised. But happy.. ^^'
but, Ai doesn't reply the message.

In the night, Ai feel so bored. No cases no interesting thing.
Then, Ai looks her handphone. She remembers that Andy's number haven't saved yet. So, She saved it soon. By the way, Ai still curious with the girl who held Andy in the afternoon.
"Hm, how to know the girl's identity? Hmmm, maybe must send a message to Andy!" mumble Ai.

"Andy, night. How is Rijal? Is he fine now? I feel worry. Oh ya, i feel curious too with the girl who held ur arm. Who is her? I ever seen her in a market." asks Ai.

Ai's POV
*Hmm, hahaha, nice way to know who is the girl*

A few minutes later, Andy replies it.
"hm, Rijal is better now. Don't worry. Oh that girl? She's my
cousin. She is Santi's friend too. In a market? Oh ya?"

Ai's POV
*hmm, a cousin. Just a cousin. It means that i still have a chance. Good.*

"haha, ya in a market. I forgot when it happened. Hm, sorry to doubt u in this satnite. Maybe u're
hanging out with ur girl, right? Sorry." Replies Ai

Ai's POV
*hmm, again, nice question to know about 'he has had a girl or not for now'*

Ai's handphone rings again.
"oh funny. No, u don't doubt me. Be enjoy. Hanging out? Haha, i'm watching tv now. No girl wants accompany me every satnite. Oh, so Sadly. Haha.." answers Andy.
"ng? Ooo really? Hmm.." mumble Ai.

"hoh, why? How about solve any cases tonight? It will be interesting for ur satnite." offers
"heh? Cases? Hm, good idea. But don't give me hard cases, my skill isn't supporting. Not like u, a detective girl. Smile okay?" answers

Ai feels happy after read the
Andy's message.
"hm, okay. Solve
5+3 = 9
4+3 = 9
3+3 = ??? hm, this is the easiest question."
asked Ai.

Hmm, 10 minutes later, Andy
"hm, 9, right ?"
"6 ?"
"wrong again."
"so what? Give up, hehe. Give me the answer plis." offers Andy.
"hoaam, i'm sleepy. I must go to bed now. Good night." replies Ai.
"haha" thought Ai.

"WH-WHAT? Wait! I'm curious!" replies
Ai doesn't reply. She wants to make Andy feels very curious. :p

15 minutes later. Ai replies.
"ok, the answer is 10." answers
"huh, i think u have slept. Hm? How the way?" asks Andy.
"i can't explain it now. Please think the way. And tell me tomorrow."
answers Ai by lying.

"ok, explain it to me tomorrow in cafe. I'll wait u. Would u like?"
replies Andy.
"Hah?" Ooo Ai suprised again. She still feels nervous if she stands
closely with Andy. But, in other side, she hopes can be more
closely with him.

"okay." answered Ai.
Tomorros comes. Ai prepares herself to be calm in front of Andy.
Wish she can do it.
"hy, Ai. So, what is the answer?" asks Andy.
"haha, did u feel comfortable in ur
last night?" asks Ai.
"yeah, yeah. To the point, how the way u get 10?" asks Andy again.
"let me order food before." says Ai
"hoho." thought Ai in her mind.

Andy seems very curious. Ai feels funny of it. And after having lunch, Andy just quiet. He seems disappointed. Ai feels unwell.

"okay, hmm, firstly, why 5+3 = 9?
Because, f-i-v-e + t-h-r-e-e = nine letters. About letters. So, why 3+3 = 10? Because, t-h-r-e-e + t-h-r-e-e = ten letters. Hahahaha... Very easy right?" explains Ai.
"hmm, hahaha... That's right. Why can't i solve it? Haha." Says
Andy. He is laughing. Ai feels very
comfortable now.
And after that, they are being so
closely friend.

Althought, the detective, Ai is excepting to be more than a friend.



n.b: gomenasai, byk kekurangan dlm grammar, penggunaan
keterangan waktu & susunan kalimatnya. Smile
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Weleh.. Seandainya bahasa Indonesia.. saya mau baca..
Gk ngerti english.. jedug

Tapi keren deh good
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